Chocolate Tin Box

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Chocolate Tin Box

Dongguan Tinpak can provide various kinds of chocolate tin boxes to wholesalers and they can be used as packaging for food, chocolate, candy, cookie, sugar, tea, toy and gift. Chocolate tin box is made of tinplate with the characteristics of lightweight and resistance to rust. Based on the design of delicate gift box, the appearance of the product is embossed with carving and full of three-dimensional sense. As well as that, the appearance is manufactured by full-color printing and the image is beautiful and full of child enjoyment. Opened, the gold-plated interior gives the solemn and noble sense. Made of tinplate, this product has embossed lid and outward curled body. Apart from that, Dongguan Tinpak can also offer more personalized and tailored products according to the clients' specific needs.

Detailed Specifications of Chocolate Tin Box
Model No.: OB257168073
Dimension: 257mm×168mm×73mm

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